Friday, November 21, 2008

Loonie Stampers Challenge #15

Welcome to Round #15!! This week it was Char's turn to pick and I was actually nervous about the colors, Strange I know. SO as I was working on some invitations for a Christmas Party I realized I had a red, white and Silver already (that I made yesterday) No Last Minute Stuff here this week. Don't worry I am sure I will make up for it next week.

Sorry for the crappy picture, I forgot to take a picture in the daytime.....Maybe Santa will bring me a light box. Enjoy the invite (The words to it are below)

Visit my Girls....... WENDY CHAR REGAN DEE MARIA

Invitation Verse:

Twas 4 nights before Christmas
And at the Quinton household
We are throwing a party
And the rest shall unfold.

Justin’s guitar will be strummin
We’ll be singin’ along
The booze will be plenty
You’ll be drinkin’ all night long.

With Sarah’s baking a plentiful
Bring what you see fit
You can’t have a party without food
I mean you gotta admit.

The house will be rockin
The laughter and glee
You’ll be able to feel it
In fact you might pee!

So come join in our merriment
We’ll see you at 6
On December 20th
Come and get your kicks!


  1. Jewels its really awesome- the card, the box- its perfect!!

  2. Love your poem! The invite is perfect- great project!

  3. That is a wicked idea Jewels, I love the invite idea!

  4. Shut up! Seriously that is the coolest invite! Ask Sarah if I can come. LOL.

  5. Oh wow, this is awesoem Jewels!

  6. wow, nice!!! Gotta love when things work out! I love that the box has an oval window!! I think I might have to make some boxes like that for xmas gifts!! Thanks for the inspiration! I loved the colors so had to make a card for the challenge!!

  7. Love it! Great invite!!!
    Thnx for the sweet comment!
    {hugs}, margie