Friday, January 21, 2011

Loonie Stampers Challenge #126

This weeks challenge was selected by yours truly! 
I decided on these colors based on the pretty sparkly chipboard type stuff that my wonderful Daughters picked out for me from Micheal's at Christmas time. I knew for sure that I wanted to use some dies to cut this stuff up....the colors remind of Neapolitan ice cream..LOL

Since the v-day season is coming up I decided to use those colors to do a card with that theme.

Lets go see how the girls did with my colors.
They were all saying over email that it was hard...Sorry girlies!


  1. holy shit...this is fantastic!!!!

  2. Gorgeous! That is so cute that they picked out glittery paper. So sweet.

    I really liked this challenge.....I don't think I would have used some gold buttons otherwise and I think it looks great.

  3. Jewels this is so cute and happy! Thanks for making me use gold:)

  4. I have to say at first I was like 'WTF is Jewels' But I LOVED IT!!! Those colours just worked! And your card, SHUT UP! Brilliant!

  5. I love all the glitter!! I awarded you a blog award on my blog today!

  6. “Becca at is Sharing the Comment Wealth and I picked you”
    New to your site and I just love the Bling with all the glitter! Look forward to looking at your site even more!
    Thanks Sue