Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My First RAK!

Today I had a lovely card mailed to me from a fellow Canadian member of the PTI-RAK Group. It was such a delight to have something in the mailbox other then Today is kind of gloomy and dull so it was extra nice to see the stamps on the paper using the spiral bouquet to remind us that spring really is just around the corner, THANK GOD!

SO here is a picture of her beautiful card. Thanks so much Deanna!! Did you know I am orginally from Ontario also? Born in wonderful (teeny, tiny) Pembroke, while my parents were stationed in Petewawa! Yipee! Anyway, Thanks again Deanna I really enjoyed your card and Nichole and the team will reap some benefits as I now need, yes need to buy that stamp set when it is back in stock!

Now I am off to complete 2 orders, one of which includes something very lime green and flowery....Just fr the record, I HATE lime green so this can be a challenge...LOL. I may have to make some more RAK's to get the green out of my eyes. Have a great day.



  1. oh no... not lime green. haha. secretly, i know it's your favorite color!

  2. Your are welcome... for the next one, I'll make sure I include a little lime green! :)

  3. HAHAHA All you funny people and the lime green. Perhaps it is mom hates it too.

  4. I love that card.
    That is great!