Friday, March 7, 2008

Tag, I'm It!

So this is the "4's" Tag that is going here is mine. Just for fun! I will havea real post later today...A hint: Cupcake Cards!!

4 Jobs I've Had: My first, working at Smart Set, a clothing store for almost 3 years, Worked at a coffee shop for way to long, Working at an engraving shop, that was fun. and of course the most rewarding....being a mom.

4 Movies I've Seen: Recently, bring it on, again...LOL I love watching cheerleader stuff dont ask me why. shrek the third a bazillion times thanks to McKayla, the Number 23, and the holiday.

4 Places I've been: From coast to Coast in Canada, Sante Fe New mexico, Phoenix Arizona to watch Les Miserables at ASU. and.....Hawaii vicariously through my mom...LOL

4 Places I've lived: Petewawa, Ontario where I was born, Suffeild Alberta where we were transfered to when I was 3, Medicine Hat alberta once my parents realized living on te base sucked..haha, and Farmington, New Mexico for 3 years.

4 TV Programs I watch: House, Grey's anatomy, Big Brother, Young & The Restless(religiously)

4 Radio Shows I listen to: ummmm I had a favorite when we lived in the states we listened to the Bob & Tom show every morning from 5-9 am but thats it.

4 Favorite Foods: Chinese food, Turkey Meal mostly for the stuffing, HAM dinners & Tim Hortons sandwichs...mmmmm now I am hungry!

4 Places I'd Rather be: Stamping of course, hawaii for real instead of vicariously, on the lake crusin in a boat or hanging Las Vegas

Feel Free to tag yourself!

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