Thursday, March 20, 2008

Overcoming the Green

Ha! Ok so as mentioned in my previous post I am not so "inspired" by green, however, my sister in law keeps coming at me with special requests. This time it was a request for a gift tin in bright/lime green to use for mints on her co-workers desk and of course a card to match. So without further delay, this is what I did.....I have

Not Really going to go into detail today as it is 3:30 am in my world (if you are curious about anything, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you. I read ALL my comments) and I am "supposed" to be training myself to be in bed early so that I can get up know kindergarten is coming in September and the Girls and I are, well, lazy. We sleep in every morning. So, so far no such luck in the training for me...HAHAHA...Have a great Day!!


  1. when I first read the colors I thought. "hmmmmmm" which is Southern for "YIKES"... but I love it. Truly talented.
    YOU HAVE OVERCOME for sure.

  2. i knew it would be phenomenal, anything that's lime green generally is! great job!

  3. I just love looking at all your projects. They are so fun. I added your link to my website.
    I check out your stuff all the time. Maybe you might check mine out too, its pretty new and there isen't much stuff there but I guess you need to start somewhere. lol.

  4. LOL @ Em!! That is too funny "southern for yikes" You make me amile. hanks

    Michelle, comment HAHA I suppose we will have the Green/Blue war forever!

    Thanks Marie that is too kind of you! Thanks for stopping in and making my day!