Friday, April 4, 2008

And the winner is....

The Winner:

erinkmckinney (stampininthesun) said...
Wow...awesome blog candy! I loved your blog hop card...super creative!
April 1, 2008 9:45 PM

Email Me your snail mail at Also I will need you to sed me which email address to send your PTI Gift Certificate to!

I also wanted to take the time to make a few responces to everyones comments on the blog candy thread. Y'all had me giggling!! Before I start, Thank you to each and every one of you that takes the time out of your blog surfing to pay me a visit. If you leave me a comment leave your link I would love to check out your blog as well.

SO! The frst commenter:
Mary: Yes PTI Addict I am indeed. My March Buy it all package has gone astray thanks to me having shipped within the states to my FIL and leaving it in the hands of a I feel like my world has ended...LMBO!!!

Em said this: "YAY 10,000. Random fact... I'm afraid of needles... can't look at them in a book, screen, or in real life. hahaha Big chicken..." all I have to sa is DITTO! Yet I have a tattoo and want more?!? Go figure. Wanted to mention also that I love the PTI cards you posted yesterday LOVE the last one!!

Allison said Clowns are creepy...Makes me think of Stephen King's "It" eeeeekkk!!!

Kerry Morgan just bought 2 sets and I say this....It only takes one to become addicted!!! HAHA Enjoy them PTI has the best stamps ever.

Allison from Stampin When I Can: You dont have the out on a limb yet?!? what are ya waiting for? Thats one of my favs for sure!! Here is a link for ya just in case.....Out on a Limb *winks* Oh and I love the new layout on your blog.

Jen & I are related to Gene Simmons as we can both touch our tongues to are nose!! LMBO Jus Kidding!! Oh I just noticed that Cheryl KVD can too... Welcome to the Fam Cheryl. :)

Then of course, Charlene came by thinking I was trying to trick her into picking ONLY one fave PTI OK usted. But I totally agree there is no way to pick only one!!

Kelsey helped design the Papertrey Ink set Everyday Blessings (of which February's Design paper was named also) Which is a breath taking, inspiring set that I still need to buy. Anway, Kelsey, One county? ever? WOW I can hardly imagine, but it must be a GREAT place to live!!

Amy posted this as a random fact and I nearly cried I was laughing so hard......."Random fact:The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C" Thanks for the chuckle Amy!!

Sara from The Desperate Stamper is afraid of spiders. Can I get an "Amen"to that

Little Shout out to Regan. Hey Girl!!!

Catt871 is allergic to Carrots and Celey......well! The things that make you go hmmmmmm? Thats a first for me. Very Interesting!

Alright, So thanks again for all who entered and perhaps next time!! See you soon.


  1. YAY Erin!

  2. Darn I wanted to win! LOL. Amy said that about birth control. She is a riot. Did you know she and Jackie are cousins by marriage. Cool hey?

  3. I'm glad I could provide you your entertainment for the day! :)
    And yep Jackie and I are cousin's by marriage, our hubbies are cousins. I think we are the only "normal" ones of the lot. If you can call us normal.

  4. IS there such a thing as normal?? LMAO!! Well I love how small the world is...for example Char & I meeting (online Meeting) GSS the same month and only 2.5 hours apart up here in CANADA. SO cool. SO I suppose everybody knows everybody hehe watch what you say!!! *winks* hehehe

  5. Wow! Thanks SO much! I love your blog and you're super to offer such awesome stuff!!

  6. Thanks for the comment about Everyday Blessings! Yep, one county. LOL! I love Tennessee. We're not all rednecks!