Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Stamp, Stamp, Stamp!

So, one of my good friends is getting married. She found herself a little overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. What do friends do in a situation like this? They step up and it just so happens that my friend Sarah and I LOVE to plan wedding stuff. So together we have formed a threesome (get your head out of the gutter!! LOL) together we are whipping through this whole thing and have most of the details lined out, booked & purchased in just over 3 weeks. You may be thinking to yourself, why does this require a post? Well because I am doing the invitations. At this moment I can not share a picture of the whole set with you, but I assure you when I can you will fall out of your chair. (I can not be held responsible if you hurt yourself, if and when you do fall...hahaha just kidding)

I am making 100 sets which each include pocket style 6x6 invitations, rsvp cards, reception cards, address details, all envelopes, favor tags, table seating tent cards and.....Oh I don't know I am sure there is more. Oh there is....I am also stamping on fabric and making 15 inch squares for the center peices to sit on for each table. I have already done so much stamping with the Beautiful Blooms leaves stamp from Papertrey Ink that it now looks like the photo. In case you did not know...it is supposed to be clear...HAHA Not anymore.

Well I can not wait until I can show you the sets but I am going to wait until they are done and then show you a whole series of photos. In the meantime, I will try to post a few other things but bare with me for a week or so.

Have a great Day!


  1. fun fun fun
    can't wait to see...

  2. I can not even believe how different this stamp looks from it's original state!! Wow!! You really are a wonderful friend! Enjoy making all those wonderful wedding items!!

  3. WOW! You go girl!!
    Quick question - since your stamp is not clear anymore --- is it hard to use and line things up perfectly now?