Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Party, Pizza, Wii and a Card

So I actually made this card last week but wanted to give my faithful readers something to look at (after my rambling of course!!) I realize last week I went a little m.i.a. We had a pretty jam packed week end. We started with a dinner at my moms. 2 out of 3 of my brothers and their families and of course myself and McKayla, went to Mom's condo to do some swimming and then eat. After we ate my Nephew Darin (12) unpacked the Wii and we played some bowling. OMG!!! For the first time in my life I actually want a game system...Gotta have a Wii!!

So knowing that the next day was my Nephew Cale's birthday (6) we asked if they could bring the Wii again. So Sunday we had so much fun, we Wii'd, we ate cake & pizza, presents...you know the story. My favorite part was the Wii boxing. We let the kids go at it first. We lined up Cale (the birthday boy who is 6 and belongs to my 3rd Brother and his wife Diana) and he played against Newton (who is 5 and Diana's little brother) Anyways it was hilarious! Little Newton would punch, punch, punch and he would get closer and closer to the TV (which made Curtis and I nervous because it is expensive and fairly new..LOL). So we would grab Newton's belt loop and pull him back and he would punch his way up there again. He was like a live wind up toy!! LMBO!!! Best of all, my brother PJ got it all on video...look out You Tube!

Next we let the adults go at it...so Curtis and I stepped into the ring and knocked the **** out of each other. I would like to say that I did manage to knock him out twice, but overall he won. I tell you, I can see the Wii in every Marriage Councellors office very soon. Great therapy!!! LOL

Ok so enough of the boring stuff. Remeber in previous posts I have talked about my S-I-L that always calls me up with special requests? Well now my Brother (her husband) is doing it too. I am so excited that they like my cards enough to call me up and get one. My brother says down the road people will say "Dont get a hallmark, Grab a Jewels Card." LOL!! Have I ever mentioned that PJ is my favorite brother? LOL!!
His request was an elegant birthday card with flowers, blue & brown. Well!! It just so appens thes are my favorite things. SO this is what I did. I started with inspiration from Nichole's card seen >>here<<> I took bashful blue prints paper and layered it on chocolate chip and vellum piercing all around the edge. Next I stamped the large flower outline from PTI's beautiful Blooms onto vellum and on Dasiy Bucket papers. Then I cut them out, layered them over each other and added them to the first peice.

Next I layered creamy caramel over chocolate chip and cut the scalloped edges on the choc. chip. then I added two small streips and one large strip of the dsp. Pierced the creamy caramel to match (boy I can't wait until my mat stack arrives from SU tomorrow) A little touch of ribbon, a "Happy Birthday" stamp (which I believe is from PTI's Shapes By Design). As the final touch I took out my brand new bottle of liquid pearls (any cardmaker/scrapbooker MUST add this to the shopping list) and made the centers of my flowers and set it aside to dry.

I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings, My Wii adventures (did I mention that my arms are still sore 2 days later from the boxing???) AND.....don't Miss out on your chance to win some blog candy >>>HERE<<<

So did anyone get Pranked? April Fools??? I did! By my hubby. LMBO!!!
Anyway, Have a great day!



  1. WOWeee..that is a gorgeous card!

    I'm thinking of getting my kids a Wii...if we can ever find one! Tried to get them one at Christmas, but no such luck... hopefully soon...glad to hear it's worth the money!

    Love that card!

  2. Oh my! This card is beautiful. I just love it! Thank you for sharing your talent.

  3. Love the card. I am 44 and I just allowed the first game system in our house. I was so afraid my son would sit and play. But Santa brought a Wii for the family... and we love it. We don't play everyday... but we LOVE it.

  4. I really like the blue and brown combination on your card-very pretty.

    I also have to agree about the Wii--after a long time looking my bf got one and it is really fun. You can work up a sweat too so it's great to help keep you from being a couch potato if you're stuck inside.

  5. Love this card -- so beautiful!!

  6. Beautiful card! The colors are very nice.

  7. Jewels I love love this card. I so love the colors. That happens to be my bedroom colors too! I can understand why everyone wants a Jewels card over a Hallmark. Great job girl!~Erica