Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mini Card Gift Set

This is a little scalloped notes mini gift set I made for the mother of the bride a my friend Tanis' bridal shower. The newlywed and her Mom and kids will actually be joining us on Sunday for thanksgiving. I cant wait all that yummy food....mmmmmmmmmmmm Turkey!

Ok so back tot he project. The cards are pretty and simple and the box I stored them in is from the dollar giant and I decided not to cover it as I thought the color scheme was nice.

Love that leafy ribbon, Thanks Char!

This is a tiny 2 x 2 post it note key chain to match. I also included a mini gel pen wrapped with ribbon to go with the whole set.

Thanks for stopping by. Hey PTI fans are you not beside yourselves with excitement over this release?? I know I am. Oh and my apologies for my typing, these nails are brutal! :)


  1. Jewels!!! these are beautiful

  2. Wow, gorgeous. Each one is perfect and you are so thoughtful to give the Mother of the Bride a gift. She will love it!

  3. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift! She must have loved them. And Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  4. This is a beautiful set Jewels!