Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Special Family Portrait

This past Sunday was what would have been my Parents 35th Wedding Anniversary, So at the last minute I had an idea to do a special photo for my Mom. Wednesday last week I arranged with all my Brothers and their families and with our Favorite Photographer Justin, to have this picture done. We originally were going to do it at a local park that has an amazing funky looking tree that everyone could kind of sit it, However it SNOWED! so at the very last minute (like an hour before the photos) I called my mom and told her I was coming for a visit and that way I could get into her locked condo building. Then I had everyone meet there at the arranged time. Whoever got there first was to phone me so I could pretend Curtis got called to work and had to go but really just went down to the lobby to let everyone in the building. So we did the pictures in the lobby of her building. Anyway here is our favorite shot and My mom LOVED IT!! Thanks Justin!

Back Row from left to right: My oldest Brother Cory, His wife Rhonda, My husband Curtis, Diana who is married to my 3rd bother Pj next to her, Then my 2nd Brother Chris and his wife Drewin holding their 2 year old Jayda.

next row: Darin (in the Green) and Zander next to him belong to Cory & Rhonda, Then Myself, holding my 2 year Old McKenzie, Then Cale who is PJ & Dianas little guy.

Front: Chris and Drewin's Daughter Keirah and My Oldest (4) McKayla.

Together we make a fine looking Bunch of 15!