Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chocolate Anyone?

Just a short post because I need to get my butt to bed before i get a second wind!! So today (Monday) I made a bunch of chocolates, I had bought a bunch of stuff to add to my collection months ago and I even tracked down some valentines stuff early. Anyway, I also picked up a new set from Michael's the other day and couldn't resist...this is what I made paired with Lauren's Take along Tote. Also I was inspired by THIS card when I made the mini one seen in picture!
Have a great day, I am off to eat chocolate, um ..... errrrr I mean go to bed! *wink*


  1. Hellur cute! Love it! You just reminded me I have that embossing folder!

  2. SO CUTE!! OMGosh...did you MAKE those chocolate suckers??? Holy you are talented. And speaking of talent....look at your cool new Valentinesy blog look!! Love it!