Monday, August 18, 2008

7 Years Ago...

I got married to my High School Sweet heart! I know how sweet and sappy! But today (which is nearly 13 years of us being togeter) we have been married for 7 Years and I can honestly say that I would not trade him for anything. He is my biggest supporter, comfort and truly is a great foundation for our family! We met through a friend of mine, Sarah, she was in some of his classes and kinda liked him..LOL I finally seen him one day when she pointedhim out and made a comment about his behind and I said yeah whatever your crazy and now here we are. We dated, we moved in together, got married, moved from Canada to New Mexico USA, had our first Daughter and then moved back home, had another daughter and here we are today!

It seems to be such a short time in comparison to someof the mariages in our families. My parents would have celebrated 35 years this year if Dad had not passed. Curtis' parents just celebrated 37 years, My Dad's parents celebrated their 63rd in July (I know..HOLY CRAP!!!) my moms parents and signifigant step parentsa have both celebrated 39 years and te list continues to grow. My 3 brothers are all married, no divorces. SO with all that positive Marital energy in our families I am thankful for the love that Curtis and I share.

Here is a few photos from our big day, but I tell you if I could have a do-over with Curtis I would change so many things about our wedding. Regardless He is the BEST and I love him 100%. Love you babe!!

My Mommy Made my dress from scratch!!

Here is me and my 3 Brothers. From left to right: Cory (oldest), Pj (Patrick Junior, third) Myself (I am the youngest) and Chris (second oldest) and the four of us are still extremely close!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful photos!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Wishing you happiness for many, many more years to come.