Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lady in Red!

Here are some pictures from My dear Friend Melissa's wedding. The pictures are all Copyright to the photographer Justin Quinton! Who takes the most fabulous photos I might add.

This picture is in a park across from our City Hall. Very Neat, and I am the one standing behind the bride!
Big Funky Tree in one of our city's biggest parks. I need Family Photos done in this tree!This was funny. He took a picture of them kissing while we were standing there and the grooms oldest daughter (one in black on the left hand side) made a gagging noise so we all did it for the next picture. This truly is one of my favorites...HAHAHA

The Brides bouquet on a vintage brass looking chair. I LOVE how the sunlight dances in and out of the picture but never takes the spotlight from the flowers! Great shot JQ!

This was a cool photo as well. Love it!

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  1. wow! I think these are the most gorgeous bridesmaid dresses I've ever, ever seen!