Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My little baby is 2!! Wow how the time flies, I still remember the 3 days of contractions like it was yesterday....hahaha!

Here is a picture of my sweet baby girl McKenzie!

and here is a picture of her not being so sweet. Look at that Glare!!! She must get it from Daddy *wink wink*

Pictures are compliments of my Good friend Justin! Thanks
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  1. OH MY- Jewels she is just soooo CUTE!!! They grow too darn fast dont they

  2. First of all Happy B-day McKenzie! Second of all she is a VIRGO and that is awesome! (yes i am one too, can you tell) Third, I LOVE her name... I always wanted a little girl named McKenzie (After McKenzie Cory on Another World). I have said too much huh! LOL