Thursday, August 21, 2008

From Our Anniversary!!

I wanted to thank those that wished us a happy anniversary. It was indeed a good one. My sister in law came over and baby sat so We could go for dinner. We went to moxie's which is my fav and also the place we had our first official date 12 years ago (I previously thought it was 13 but I guess it just seems like forever...LOL) Also My dear and wonderful friends surprised us with some fantastic gifts. They really are the Bestest friends ever!!
Sarah & Justin Picked up these exceptional flowers. I love the variety of colors and they are so BRIGHT. They are still blossoming beautifully on my table. Speaking of my table, They also got us some new cloth place mats and a matching apron and oven mitts. Thanks so much Sarah & Justin!!!! I love them.

Tanis & Mark got us these awesome coffee mugs that have a little stir spoon that fits right into the handle (perfect for my Tim Horton's French Vanilla Capp!!!!) Also an elegant wine decanter, I Love it and cant wait to use it. Thanks You two!!!

This last one s a beautiful Bronze Statue from my Mom. It is called Giraffe Family and suits us and our house perfectly. Our house has all brown & Beige walls and the statue fits in perfectly with all our photos, paintings and pencil drawings of various other animals...tigers, panthers and wolves. Thanks Mom!!
Anywho I have to run and finish packing. I am going to hang out with Charlene just up the highway for teh weekend. Cant wait but have not even begun to pack...Yikes!
Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Crap I need better friends that get me gifts on my anniversary! lol

    Have fun this weekend... I will be in Ontario pouting~ by my self! Regs I miss you!