Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Card, Some Kids and a Bug!

I have a good friend of mine that is kind of starting over in life and making his way down a new path, so I decided to make this card for him! I show three stages on this card, Hatching, starting in a new direction and "New Beginnings" all from the Papertrey Ink stamp set Birds of a Feather. The upper right hand corner is a caption of what the inside looks like.

Awwwwwwww!! My Darling husband took this picture a few days ago and I only just found it on the camera when I was taking card pictures of the memory stick. Although he cut off parts of their heads, what an ADORABLE picture. The older one is McKayla, who is 4 years old and starting kindergarten in September. The younger one is McKenzie and she is turning 2 at the end of August!

And this, this my friends is the giant size dragonfly McKayla spotted on the outside of our house the other day. Isn't it pretty? It was about 4 inches long and made of a Chocolate brown and sort of Aqua Mist color.......Anyone see where I am going with this one? Yeah stay tuned possibly, for a dragonfly inspired card!!


  1. cute kids!!! very cute kids....card is nice

  2. I he love the crackle back on the card and the kiddies are uber cute!

  3. I love your inspired card with the cracked bg again! and what gorgeous little girls you have! they are sweetie pies!!