Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's all about the cake!

Well! This weekend Past I was a part of my Lifelong friends wedding. We have been friends since we were 3 years old. Nearly 26 years later we are still buddies and have shared some incredible moments including the birth of her son (which I was coaching her through) and now her wedding!! While helping her plan the wedding, My best friend Sarah offered to do her wedding cake. Yes the same Sarah that has been responsible for all the wonderful baked masterpieces on my blog. Well I have to say folks she has truly out done herself this time.

First we planned a bride & groom pool party with all the bridal party as well. In the spirit of the pool party we went with a tropical feel. Sarah decided to test the waters of the fondant making world and make a themed cake to bring to the party. Here it is.

Is that not the most FABULOUS, SUPER, AMAZING cake you have ever seen? I love it and the fondant tasted SO good, and was definitely worth the work it took to make it. Right Sarah? :)
Now with out further ado, I give you the Wedding Showstopper!!!!

We did have a few issues with the roses as they were so pretty, but incredibly heavy so we had to make a few reinforcements for them and saved the day. Sarah (I know you are reading this even though you never leave me comments....LOL) You did a super fantastic job on this cake and you will forever be my own personal cake lady! Not only are each every one of your baked pieces of art delicious, but made with lots of TLC. Thanks for adding such a special touch to Melissa's Day!!!
Stay tuned, I will be posting more wedding stuff in the next few days as well as some more family pics. You know a few things to keep you occupied while I get my mojo back in line and make some cards. I am so much in with drawl and I have been DIEING to use some of my new Cuttlebug folders. I even got my grubby little hands and some of the new seasonal release folders!!! Love the spiderwebs! See you soon!


  1. What super special cakes! How wonderful that all friends participated in the preparations!

  2. Wow - incredible cakes. What a talented friend! And congrats on honorable mention for GSS!!!