Sunday, November 25, 2007

Catching Up

Well it has been a busy, yet pleasurable weekend. Some Shopping, drinks with friends, my lifelong friends 28th birthday with some board games, and bast of all....McKayla's very first Dance performance. Let me just say that little girl will be a permanent fixture on stage...and really she is so cute so why not!! HAha...anyways I just wanted to pop in and leave this little message for my readers that like to check in (and thanks for all your email I love hearing from you!!)

So I have another week of busy. I have a large card order that has to be shipped in about a week, I have kid check ups, a coffee date and .....2 card parties!! Thats right! The first one is at my Upline's (Heather) house for all her down line. Later that night I am going to have an actual card party. My Sister in Law's Neighbour asked if she could have a simple just make cards party with a few cards and maybe another "Project" So I am looking forward to this weekend very much!!

I will try to pop in with some new project pictures as soon as I can.(and boy do I have a good one for you all to see) Talk to you all later!!


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