Thursday, November 29, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I hate being so busy, but what can you do. I do actually enjoy it to a certain degree. I have a jam packed weekend coming up and wish I had a maid to clean my house so I can do the other stuff. Friday I have to take McKayla to day care, pay bills, grocery shopping. I have a 100 card order I am still working on that has to be in the mail soon. Then, Saturday I have 2 parties. The first one is at my upline's (SU) house. She is having the downline christmas party, so I have to bring a veggie tray (which I don't believe in just buying) Then I have to do a shoebox make-n-take for 12 people, 1 card for exchange, and then one gift item made from all SU products. It should be a blast.After that I have a card party a my house with my Sister in law and her neighbour & friends. My first one....yahoooooo!!

Then I am still hoping that I will be able to meet up with my best friend for her birthday celebration. We have been fairly disconnected recently and I have no idea why. She seems to be pushing me further away and not really tellig me her true feelings. That is one thing that she and I have agreed upon, she is a bad liar. So I can ask if everything is ok and she says yes and her face says no. So I hope we can eventually get things back in line. I truly miss the friendship we had. We were practically attached at the hip and now she is barely talking to me. I was mad at her a few weeks ago and told her exactly why (and I am over it), as she has always said how she appreciates complete honesty, but I guess that was perhaps a farce or she has something else bugging her and isn't saying. Anyways those are my thoughts even when I am too busy to be thinking about it, it is still burning away at me because if there is anything I hate it is to lose a great freindship because someone doesn't want to be honest and save a friendship how many years in the making. Cross your fingers for me, I hope it works out for the better.

Have a great and stressfree weekend if possible.
I will post some pics after the week end (if I remember) LOL

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