Friday, November 9, 2007

I'm Back From Hamilton

Well, I am back now and had a fairly good trip. Came home to some not so great things, but we will just talk about those later. During my trip I went out shopping a few times. My Grandparents took us out to Cambridge where there were some outlet type places and I got some cute socks for the girls for Christmas and I also picked up a few other random things there. Oh and I also picked up some cute cookie cook books and some other books for McKayla (my oldest)
So we also went down to Ottawa Street, to an outlet store there that has great deals on towels, linens and things. OMG!!! I got a KING SIZE sheet set 300 COUNT for 39.99. WOW!!! I couldn't believe it. Locally I can barely find kingsize, and then when I do I almost fall over looking at the price $60 - $100 bucks and higher. I don't think so.

So anywho, the same day we stopped into Tim Hortons for a coffee and it turns out that the one we stopped into was Store #1. The ORIGINAL store! Super cool!! On the inside was all the memorabilia from the original building. (they have rebuilt a newer store on the same location) They also have a bunch of the jerseys of little leagur uniforms, the different mugs and roll up the rim cups they have had over the years. So it was very cool and to think that when it first opened my dad used to go in there all the time. Gosh I miss him!!!!Ok so next I got in contact with a girl that i do business with on ebay. Turns out she lives just outside hamilton. So I called her up when I got there and we made arrangements to go shopping together (I will totally put pics of my loot in my next post) She picked me up before noon and we headed straight to the Scrapbook store she likes (and did I mention that the store is online as well and ships anywhere in Canada???? ) After that she took me over to a resturant in the mall called "The Fox and The Fiddle" for some VERY GOOD food and she bought!!!
OMGOODNESSS!!!!! Thanks so much Candy it was s fun and so great to meet such a wonderful person. Not to mention the saved afternoon away from my mom who was getting my nerves a little. So Cnady, if you are out there reading this....THANKS SO MUCH!!! And call me when you decide to fly with the DH to Calgary! So I guess that pretty well somes it up...did a lot of visiting shopping and I will continue with the Judge in my next post...fingers need a break. lol

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