Sunday, December 23, 2007

Canadian prices going lower

Well who wouldn't be happy about this? I was just reading some updates on the Stampin Up Demonstrators website when I stumbled straight in to the one titled "Canadian prices going lower"(GASP!!!) I think my eyes popped right open as far as they could and I suddenly had the urge to get up and dance like a complete retard in my livingrom. So of course, my DH looks at me like I am clearly insane....and perhaps he is correct. So anyway, here is the update:

Canadian Prices Going Lower! December 21, 2007

Stampin' Up! is happy to announce that the prices in the Spring-Summer Collection 2008 are going down! You may have noticed that the prices in your new catalogue are already lower, but with further evaluation of current circumstances, we have decided that the pricing warrants a further reduction of 7 percent! We are excited about this further development and hope you will be, too!

Unfortunately, the timing required to determine the catalogue pricing meant that this additional reduction was not ready in time for printing, so the prices listed in the Spring-Summer 2008 Collection, as well as the Occasions 2008 Mini Collection, are inaccurate. This adjustment will be valid for the full cycle of the catalogue, including the upcoming mini, so to help you with this new pricing structure, we will provide you with a price conversion sheet that you should print out and keep with you, and hand out to anyone who receives a catalogue. We will post an announcement when this list is available. OEX will be updated with correct prices, so they will be accurate when you go to place your orders on January 2, 2008. OEX will calculate the 7 percent reduction on individual items. If you choose not to utilize the price conversion sheet (or do not have it on hand), and you take the 7 percent reduction after you add up your order total, before tax and shipping, you will see a slightly different total.

With the adjustments in Canadian pricing, many other factors have been considered:
Starter Kit: The price of the starter kit will remain at the new, lower price of $260, as printed in the new catalogue, so a further 7 percent reduction will not apply. The kit remains a fantastic value, and we will consider promotions in the future to make this kit an even greater deal!
Supply Items List: The new supply list will be posted on January 2 and will reflect accurate pricing. We evaluated each item on the list individually, and pricing was determined based on several factors; therefore, you won't see a straight percentage reduction across all supply items.
Promotional Levels: Current promotions, such as the Spring-Summer 2008 Preview Brochure promotion and Sale-A-Bration, have qualification levels attached to them. These will be reevaluated, and new levels, where appropriate, will be posted under Specials & Promotions when they are determined. Please check back for the latest information on these opportunities!
Hostess Benefits Plan: There will be one change to the hostess benefits chart, effective until June 30, 2008. The current level for a hostess to qualify for benefits is $225, and we have dropped this amount to $200. All other levels and details will remain the same. With the lower pricing, when your hostess reaches her hostess benefits levels, her free product dollars will now go further than before!

Career Plan: As we are in the middle of a Stampin' Up! year, we are unable to effectively adjust the career plan requirements and levels. We hope that the new pricing will encourage your customers to continue to buy from you. We will monitor the impact the new pricing has on career plan performance, however, and may run promotions or offers to help compensate for any imbalance you may experience. Any permanent adjustments to the career plan based on these new developments will be done for July 2008 at the start of the new Stampin' Up! year.
We hope the benefits of these new changes will outweigh any inconvenience you experience. We will keep you informed of any further details as they become available, including the new price conversion sheet.



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