Friday, December 21, 2007

Catching Up

So today I am just playing catch up. I have been finishing up some Christmas projects. I am just about done a pregnancy Journal that a friend ordered, I also got my Gifts for The wonderful people at Fresh Flowers & Gifts done. I even had Curtis come home early from work on Thursday so That I could rush over before they closed. Then after I got back I realized that I had rushed to get their calenders done (I made one for each employee) and then I forgot them...argh! I guess that gives me an excuse to go back and drop them off and perhaps purchase some beautiful flowers for my Christmas Dinner. Check out their website HERE. Another wonderful site designed by Marlyn at Gaslamp Village.

Anywho!! I also got some running around done this evening I went and dropped off Michelle's Christmas present and I CAN NOT wait until she opens it, I have been holding out on that eauty for 3 months!!! So now I have to go and finish Sarah's stuff and get them ll wrapped so they are ready to go tomorrow....So I shall bid thee farewell in the hopes to get some more stuff done and perhaps get to bed at a decent hour (Gasp!) Early, I know not likely but all I have to do is be i bed by 4 am and it would be earlier then the last few evenings.....errr mornings?

Good Night! Stay tuned....tomorrow I hope to remember to upload a blog about the Pregnancy Journal, it's so SO cute!!


BTW if anyone wants a brand New SU catalog I have only 7 left get yours today for $8.00 instead of the book price of $12.95 CDN

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