Sunday, December 16, 2007

Gingerbread House

House I made with McKayla! We got a little Wilton Kit from Michael's. She has a blast and she was a great little "helper decorater chick" Yes those were her words. I have to admit she reallywas, with the exception of the next photo to the right. I was trying to put the house together and she came and wrapped her curious little fingers over the edge of the counter in hopes to sneak a peek at things and CRASH! The end peice went crashing to the floor so I had to do that peice in a sort of mosaic fashion. After the house was all decorated and so on it became an öpen Concept"house when the back peice fell apart.LOL Luckily it didn't effect the rst of the house and my ginger people will just have to whip out their Parkas and touques! (For some of my non Canadian friends that translates to Jackets and Hats) hahaha Totally joking with you!

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