Wednesday, December 12, 2007

OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! New Catty Alert!!

Well! The new Catalogue or SU! has shown its VERY pretty face, and with the help of some SCS members it has been spotted in amoungst the clutter of their "Messy Desks" photos. Clever way to reveal the new stuff. I however am going to make you wait...HAHAHA It will be worth it. Lots of new flowers, sentiments and DS Papers. I think I could bankrupt myself on that alone.

Then to top it off I have been reading on Nicole's Blog >>Here<< and I think I will be ordering some new stamps from there as well. Just got my last order (minor blip corrected by there FANTASTIC company, props to Superb Customer Service!!) Anywho....I see an add on set to the Holiday Treats (perfect set for decorating Hershey's Nuggets in case you were wondering) Ey yi yi!! Lets skip Christmas presents for me and hook me up with some GC's and I would be some Happy Chicklit!! May have to send a link to the Gift Certificates to my DH's

Ok well that is about all for now. I have more to show you but have to go catch up on some things I was Supposed to be dong rather then reading 22 pages of Splitcoast forums...LOL Hey I know some of you out there were doing the same thing!! So perhaps I will come back and post this evening...or I will post after I get my Caty in my mailbox....I shall be stalking the mail guy tomorrow...Happy Stalking my Fellow Reginal SU Demos!

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