Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Design Studio Coming Up!!

So I have been longing to have a bigger, better space for my creating pleasure, upstairs. I have a 5 bedroom house, but only 2 rooms are upstairs and 3 down. So, one upstairs is the master bedroom and the other has always been for the girls. After McKenzie was born and we discovered she is a super light sleeper, we moved McKayla downstairs to her very own room. (It was actually the Guest Room that she got, only 3 year old I know with a queen size Anyway, she loves it. She also has the smallest of the rooms downstairs set up with all her furniture (yes actual "mini" furniture, couches and all) as a toy room, fully equipt with her tv and dvd player. The last room downstairs, I painted and turned it into my craft room, although we used to have it as a computer room. We brought them computer upstairs a while ago and it just stayed.

The next portion of the story is this.....I barely get to go downstairs to my room until after the girls are in bed and I really would like to be able to do stuff during the day. The solution is to put McKenzie downstairs and bring the craft room upstairs, so we are playing musical rooms. We put her downstairs last night and I have moved most of my stuff out onto the pool table. I went to Rona for the paint last night before I picked McKayla up from daycare and took her to Gramma's house. Then after we put McKenzie to bed (after taking apart the crib moving it and setting it up again downstairs) I started to paint.

I am doing it in 2 colors and neither of them are blue. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? I know, but I am actually getting sick of the blue on my walls. Next will be to cover up the blue in my bathroom. I also picked these colors because I would like a more grown up, tasteful color, that would not require repainting should we ever decided to sell the house. I am going to keep the colors a secret until I reveal the pictures in a few days. But here are the (aweful) before pictures.

As you can see, the people we bought the house from really like sponging.
YUCK!! and it is proving difficult to cover.

And best of all she did it ALL the way around the entire room. We left it when we moved in because we didn't have time to paint. Well! Bye Bye sponge painting.

These litle Teddy bears (not even really cute) are a pain in my A**! She also had stenciling done in this room, both bathrooms, one bedroom downstairs and in the kitchen. The dark spots and the blue practically climb out from behind the new paint...LOL So I painted then first and that way they get coated a few times and then....BYE BYE TEDDY BEARS!!

So there you have it. I will return, hopefully soon, with some better looking pictures. In the meantime, I have to go clean up my house as my neices & nephews are all coming over tonight so that the kids can all exchange there Christmas Presents together.

Have a great day & a Happy New Year if I don't see you before then~~Jewels

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