Thursday, December 27, 2007

Saying Hello

Just wanted to pop in and say hello to you all. I have heard from a few of you over the holidays and I am glad that you all had GREAT Christmas's. As did I. So just saying hello again to my many friends accross the globe. We have had recent hits from The Netherlands, The UK, all over the US and Canada and closer to home in my home city. I am sure I know who most of you are so that is why I thought I would give you all a big Shout out. So HI and I wish all of you a very Happy New Year. So tell me, What was the best Christmas Present you got and What are you Plans for new years?

My Favorie part was watching my Three year old opening her Christmas Presents. My Favorite Gift this year was from My Best Friend Melissa, who made me mosaic pictures of both my girls and framed them. They are Beautiful, so thanks Girl!! I will blog those later as well. As for New Year's we are going to a huge party with all our close friends, or that is the plan anyway.

I will be updating my blog a little later on after I finish a card order for a local store. That way I will have all the time I need to tel you all about Our Christmas!!



  1. Hey you! so we had a great Christmas as well. My Fav present was the stationary set from you. You and my DH are pretty sneaky!! We are not doing to much for New Years, you know Movies and snacks just us merry little 3. So yeah Hello from the South! Keep at it Chick. BTW they loved their cards and want to order another 100 so I guess they will be phoning yall soon! Happy New Year!!

  2. Hey Sweetie! Glad your Christmas was ok. i guess you wil have to phone me soon, its your turn. Thanks again for the cards. Everyone loved them. Where were you when I was selling houses and could have used them. Take care hun! Oh and Steve and Christina say hello as well.