Thursday, January 1, 2009

Loonie Stampers Challenge #20

I know I know, It is SO late that it is almost time for the next Challenge. I finally have literally a minute to get this on as we are headed out for a family New Year's Day Dinner. I hope the card was worth the wait.....For info's sake I DO have tomorrows Challenge ready. In fact I was so inspired by Char's Colors that I made 3 cards this week.

I will give you guys all a few more detail about this little card tomorrow.

See you again, Tomorrow!!


  1. Well, I was going to give you crap but I love your card too much!! Well done my friend! Are you ready for tomorrow?

  2. So gorgeous Jewels, you really make me want this set bad! Love it!

  3. cute! ... i'll admit i just bought that ribbon at michaels... :)

  4. great card Jewels, I think I wish I got that set now...damn enabler !!