Saturday, January 31, 2009

Selling Crocheted Flowers?

This was an easy card to make, providing you don't count the fact that the 2 huge flowers are crocheted by hand! But seriously, they make this card! Strategically placed over the ribbon with a black onyx type brad in the middle. I also love the line of Hero Arts bling under the sentiment.
So I was thinking of selling packs of crocheted flowers and perhaps individuals with minimum order amounts so you could pick and chose, any thoughts? Would you like to be able to get some at a MUCH cheaper price then the stores and catalogs?? Let me know what you think, I literally have 100's of flowers!


  1. Count me in... what colors you got? This card is gorgeous!

  2. You made those???? God, you are talented...I am with Dee, what colours are you selling?

  3. me too please

    I lUUURVE the card too!!

  4. Make sure I'm on that list, too! Reds, pinks, creams...yum!

  5. wow! great flowers and a great card!

    I bet you can sell a bunch, I'll have to tag your blog.

  6. Oh WOW, I can't believe you made the flowers!

    Good luck with the sales!

  7. I really would like to buy flowers off you please email me
    so beautifullll :)
    thanks hayley