Friday, January 30, 2009

Loonie Stampers Challenge #25

Hi everyone!! So glad you could join us again for another edition of the Loonie Stampers Challenge. This weeks selection was made by Wendy. I am sure we all bugged her about picking the purple, but honestly I like how these colors came together for this challenge.

The theme she picked to accompany the color selections was Birthday!! So I immediately went into my Paint Shop program and made these balloons to celebrate her challenge. I Love 'em!

So as always...on to the challenge. I DID NOT make a birthday card, but keeping with the theme chosen, made a birthday book.

I started by taking a composition book from the dollar store and used an x-acto knife and a metal ruler to cut off the binding. Then I FINALLY dusted off my Bind It All (that has never actually been used for a project) and covered the covers with Chocolate, then punched out the pages and covers.

Next I layered the Fizz and Lemon and included the polka dot parade paper that had the Plum pudding in it. Is that Cheating? No answers needed I don't care, it counts in my I wrapped the saddle stitch Fizz ribbon into a bow and attached the whole thing to my book.

Last I took little pieces of fizz card stock and made tabs (which I mistakenly hand wrote, next time I will take a bit more time and stamp with simple Alpha) I also need to work out the spacing of the tabs. But over all I am very happy with it.

Don't forget to visit the ladies and link up your projects. I know there are many MANY of you lurking out there that would like to play.


  1. what a friggin awesome idea- great job Jewels!

  2. *GASP* You ROCKED this one, Jewels! It's fantastic!!!

  3. Holy smokes... wow this rocks! I am so jealous!

  4. Afternoon Everyone!

    Firstly I would just like the say a really big well done on your creation! I think you have a real talent! I wish I could be the same! I have attempted in the past to make my own cards, but it looked like a total mess! Went a bit crazy with the old glitter glue! With Valentine's Day coming up it would be the perfect chance to make your own cards! So much better than giving your money to those big card companies out there (not going to name any names!) However if you can't make your own cards, (like me) then I have come up with the perfect alternative! My friend Gemma first introduced me to the world of electronic greetings about a year ago when she went back packing around Australia. She said she found it hard to write letters, and she didn't always have a mobile phone signal! So whenever she had the chance she would go into an internet cafe and send an e-Card. This method is such a great way to keep in touch with friends, and family. With Valentine's Day coming up I think it is a good way to just send a little surprise greeting. I have done my research, and tried out loads of different sites, but I have now finally found a site that has a Wide range of Valentine's Day e-Cards This site has both romantic, and funny, light hearted Valentine's Day e-Cards, so there is a card to suit everyone! The best thing about this particular site is that it is totally free!! Even better! E-Cards are not for everyone, but I think they are definitely worth a try! Just wanted to share my hints and tips with you! Have a great Valentine's Day whatever you decide to get up to! Best wishes! Nicole.

  5. Seriously J~~~I am in awe! This is amazing. Don't forget to put my name on the Nov 3 page!! haha

  6. JANUARY 27!!! And I will be 38...again! LOL Love this and what a great idea!

  7. awesome job pulling those colors together on this project. My attempt wasn't nearly as classy!! :-)