Saturday, January 24, 2009

McKayla's birthday pictures

Isn't this cake cute? It sure did taste good too. My favorite was actually the cookies. They were SO cute and SO good. My ass thanks Sarah for those....Sorry I couldn't

Here is McKayla with the other Birthday Girl, Her Auntie Drewin. That is so special that they share a birthday!

Here is McKenzie spying the goods she will be stealing while McKayla is at school....LOL And this particular one was a princess vanity ...Thanks Auntie Tanis!

This last picture I had to share, the look on Cody's face was too funny to not be seen!
Thanks for looking, I will be back again soon with something more paper crafty for you to look at!


  1. Jewels, your kids are so cute! Is her hair naturally curly like that, yours is though right! Don't you just love birthdays!