Friday, January 16, 2009

Loonie Stampers Challenge #23

Edited To Add: I mentioned below about my Sister in Law possibly winning a trip to Jamaica on the radio and it is her birthday....well she WON IT!!! My brother is absolutely beside himself with excitement. Then to top it off she also won the birthday file on another radio station, so when she phoned them she actually said "yeah well guess what I won from My 96 this morning" That girl cracks me up!! So Congrats to Cory & Rhonda!!
This week was Dee's selection and I must say I knew this combo is gonna be a keeper for card after card. However I am so late making /posting this card that I am not to thrilled with it. I did make it for some specific though.

Today is my Oldest Brother's Wife's birthday (did you get all that?) anyway our local radio station is currently doing a contest for a "Jet away to Jamaica" trip, and she was selected as a finalist a few days ago. Anyway, happy Birthday to Rhonda and I hope by the time you get this card I have to add a Congratulations stamp to the inside. The contest finishes on the air today!

Don't forget to visit the ladies links below and also link up your creations!!

And now I bring you....the reason I am not sleeping much! I dare to click the picture and look at a larger really is much scarier!!

This my ceiling after too much partying with the snow that melted into my attic and through my hallway ceiling. Just for the record this ceiling is plaster which makes matters worse. How many people do you know that actually still handle plaster??? Not many my friends. So I am hoping before my oldest brothers wife wins a trip to Jamaica he will come over and tell e he can help since he is in the drywall profession. This folks is going to be a damn long weekend as we are supposed to have all that nice "melt the snow off your roof and into your attic again" kind of weather. For the first time in a loooooooong time I have a reason to wish for a cold weekend. My boss/friend called and said she is going to lend me her boyfriend (get your minds out of the gutter) as he owns his own roofing company in Edmonton and said he will try and patch us up this weekend when he is here.


  1. Gorgeous... love how you layered the papers! I hope she wins!

  2. amazing card Jewls ...that is pretty shitty about your ceiling- just think only 6 more months till summer....hahaha gotta love Canada!!

  3. Beautiful! I really like the embossing on the bottom layer!

  4. I love the card... all it's missing is some orange!! So close! haha...

    stupid snow... sorry about the ceiling. Does it help to know I still do not have a bathroom!? Yep... *sigh*... lol :)

  5. GF...You make good cards at 2am!! Yikes on the ceiling. It's happening alot this weekend that's for sure.

    Damn....the R key just came off my keyboard. How do I put it back on. Uh oh.

  6. Love the card...sorry about the ceiling! And how awesome that she WON!

  7. Damn girl, you rocked this. Love it!