Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Burning the Candles???

Why yes, yes you can. However, I would still err on the side of caution as one always should while burning candles. Anywho, this evening I looked it up with other Split Coast Stampers to see if anyone had burned the candles and what happens to the tissue paper. Well They all said it would just singe the edges a bit but never take to fire.
I made a couple cute little votives to test the theory and the picture is the result from one (I burned three and they all looked the same). The Other thing people were suggesting (for the bigger, fatter candles) is to burn them down until enough has burned from the center and pop in a tea light with the tin casing still on. How Clever! Happy Candle Stamping!! I have also 5 new cards to show you (whoever is actually out there reading...lol ) But I have to wait for morning so that I can use the wonderful daylight to snap the. so for now I am off to bed at an early 2:25 am...lol.

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