Wednesday, October 3, 2007

What A Week

Well after a wonderful weekend I had a horrible Monday, a relaxed tusday and a busy wednesday. This weekend My DH gave me m birthday present early, a brand new Bulova watch (stunning!) and then some friends and myself went out to a club and had a great time. Monday (my actual birthday) was horrible. My kids were full of additude, I had issues with some stuff I had ordered online that was delivered and I was just all around in a bad mood. My youngest daughter, McKenzie managed to get into the vaseline tub and got handfuls of it al over herself, table, toyboxes and the COUCH!! AHHHHHHHHHH. SO after that was all cleaned up I decided it was her nap time. Yes a much eeded break. Then I get her up from naptime only to discover she had removed al her clothes and then her diaper and had spread her poop all over the place!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. and then I was supposed to goto a lounge for a few drinks and had no one that was invited show up. AHHHHHHHHHH At that point I should have just crawled into bed until next week. Instead I went to safeway, bought a single long stem rose and went and laid it on my Daddy's grave and jsut cried for alf hour and THEN I went home.....tadaa thats my last couple days. So after writing this I am going to go surfing for inspirations and get making cards again.I also have come accross something else that just pisses me off! When a person purchases stamps, they are under the impression that they have no purchased the rights to use this image. However I have recently been made aware of a thing called the Angel Policy. I think it sucks in most cases. You can buy the stamps, make stuff with the stamps, but god forbid as a stay at home mom you make cards and sell them cause your not allowed in most cases. You can sell them at craft fairs (which is ok if there are any that happen in your city) but not in brick & mortar stores or permanent Internet sites! Pfft! I wish I had the means to challenge this concept. I now have thousands of dollars in stamps I have collected over the last few years that I can not use to make a little money. I give credit to the images and yet it stil does not matter....GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ok I have vented and no I am going in search of TRUE ANGEL COMPANIES!!!

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