Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Ok so I know I promised to add my new cards but my entire day got high jacked and so I will have to wait until after my holiday. I will be back November 8th so i will start with Hallowen pics and also my new cards.... I may even try to take pictures of my scrapbook shopping adventures....My ebay friend, Candy, from Paper Candy Productions, is taking me shopping. I am SO excited!!

One more chunk of good news....I Might have a job!! Can't provide details at this moment but I REALLY REALLY hope it works out!! Best of all I would get to do it from HOME!O

k so another tidbit, My website is in motion and will be the BEST business investment yet, you should see it so far, well im not gonna show ya, you will just have to wait!! LOL, yes everything is top secret today!!

'Til November 8th-ish Farewell

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