Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Fabulous!!

Well my very good friend Michelle took some Stunning Photos of her cute little kids the other day, playing in all the autumn leaves. So I decided yesterday that I should do the same, and let's face it, what child doesn't enjoy playing in the leaves???
So I dressed them up in their brand new matching outfits (I know completely retarded, but whatever they are cute) Let them loose in the front yard and started snaping away! They turned out so great, I think we need to do more, wearing different outfits and in a bigger park area. Oh the scrapbook pages I could come up with for these photos! I hope you enjoy my ramblings today and also the pictures of my little cuties!!
The first picture (girl in pink) is my oldest daugher, McKayla, who is 3.5 y/o. The babyin the red is my youngest daughter who just turned 1. Anyways here are the reast of the pics and I will be back later with some cards that I finally got to try!!! Look out Transperancies!!

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